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Welcome to Natural House

Welcome to the incredible and amazing site. A place where you find unique, artistic and unusual products which you will never find at somewhere else. At Natural House we make our own world by maintaining recycled material and colaborating it with the touch of art, displaying retro and vintage furniture at our space, and decorating it with many colours and textures. You will never know that you can see amazing product range made of many material until you see the one that we have. Just open side by side, and let your eyes drive you to the fantasy and imaginary world.

New Products

  • <b></b> Dining Chair Stainless
  • <b></b> Buffet Spal Gro
  • <b></b> Cabinet k 3
  • <b>NH16.CHR.003B</b> Becak Sofa With 2 Saddle
  • <b></b> Dining Side Table Bicycle With Saddle
  • <b></b> 16
  • <b></b> Dining Table Bicycle 2 (Wood Natural)
  • <b></b> Shewing Mechine Dining Table
  • <b></b> Dining Set
  • <b></b> Coffee Table Wood Comb Resin Stand Stainlist
  • <b></b> Wash Basin with Bicycle Stand
  • <b></b> Paint Cans Wall Deco
  • <b></b> Singgle sofa becak tepong
  • <b></b> Hanging Lamp Wheels
  • <b>WAL-002</b> Wall Panel 002
  • <b></b> Dining Table set
  • <b>DIV-001</b> Divider 001
  • <b></b> Dinning Table Teak Wood Rustic Top with Iron Mechi
  • <b></b> Console Table
  • <b></b> Dining Table Bicycle 2 (Wood Lamination)
  • <b>WAL-001</b> Wall Panel 001
  • <b></b> Round Table White Legs
  • <b></b> Dining Table Teakwood across legs iron
  • <b></b> Deco Horses
  • <b></b> Dining Table Teak Wood

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