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Welcome to Natural House

Welcome to the incredible and amazing site. A place where you find unique, artistic and unusual products which you will never find at somewhere else. At Natural House we make our own world by maintaining recycled material and colaborating it with the touch of art, displaying retro and vintage furniture at our space, and decorating it with many colours and textures. You will never know that you can see amazing product range made of many material until you see the one that we have. Just open side by side, and let your eyes drive you to the fantasy and imaginary world.

New Products

  • <b></b> Ring iron chair
  • <b>a3</b> Panel Cacah
  • <b></b> projek Kopi item & Warung teko
  • <b></b> iron panel wood
  • <b></b> Wall deco Bird painting
  • <b>TAB-013</b> Table 013
  • <b></b> wicker basket
  • <b></b> 9
  • <b></b> Face car
  • <b></b> Project Interior
  • <b></b> Wheel Black Metal Rack, Wood 4 Shelves
  • <b></b> Cabinet k 6
  • <b></b> Projek resto & caffe harper Yogyakarta
  • <b></b> Projek resto & caffe harper Yogyakarta
  • <b></b> bicycle
  • <b></b> decorative bottle lights
  • <b></b> decorative bottle lights
  • <b></b> Hand Tray
  • <b></b> Acrobat Iron stool
  • <b></b> Project Hotel Luminor mangga besar Jakarta
  • <b></b> projek Kopi item & Warung teko
  • <b></b> Iron Fish
  • <b></b> Seminar Bekraf
  • <b></b> Projek resto & caffe harper Yogyakarta
  • <b></b> Set bicycle bar chair

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